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33% Pulp

Jun 19, 2018

You are hereby invited to the Pulpies Award Ceremony, in which we dis/honor the characters, kisses, and closing lines of the past five books. Who will take home the award for best book?


Special thanks to all those who contributed to this season's worth of episodes!

Amber, obv.

Chelsea Samuelson, like, um, uh,...

Jun 12, 2018

Daniel recaps the final third of The Infinitive Of Go, where Justin gets an infinitive complex, Justin and Cinnamon throw a party, and no, really, it's equivalent exchange.

Goodreads summary of the book:

The first practical matter transmitter was a success, or so everyone thought. In spite of...

Jun 5, 2018

Mike recaps the second third of John Brunner's scifi novel, The Infinitive Of Go. In it, we learn Justin and Cinnamon's relationship is totes normal, the true sign of benevolence is a goatee, and world peace can be achieved with pancakes.

Goodreads summary of the book:

The first practical matter...

May 29, 2018

The Infinitive of Go is "to go"...INTO YOUR EARS! Linzi recaps the first third of this science fiction book full of paranoid spies, militarized universities, and a new teleportation technology called "posters." This episode opens with a bang and ends with a shocking post-coital discovery.

Goodreads summary of the...

May 21, 2018

Daniel recaps the final third of House Dick, where Novak keeps his receipts, Julia is left with crappy options, and Novak makes a new friend.

Goodreads summary of the book:

House Dick is one of Hunt’s very best, a classic hardboiled story of a detective in a Washington D.C. hotel (no, not that hotel) investigating...