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33% Pulp

Jul 3, 2018

In our episode:

Guest host Mike recaps the first third of Badge of Evil by Whit Masterson, where Romeo and Juliet trade suicide by poison for blowing up their parents, your American Dream-Wife cleans the guns while cooking dinner, and Holt comes too late instead of too early.


Amazon Summary of the book:

Assistant District Attorney Mitch Holt suspects the wrong people have been arrested in the murder of Rudy Linneker. But if it wasn't Linneker's daughter and her fiance, who was it? And why do two of the city's most decorated and beloved cops look like they're not shooting straight? If they've planted evidence in this case, what else are they guilty of in the past?


Some Relevant characters:

Adair: DA

Connie Holt: Mitch's wife, general badass

Farnum: Poor guy that takes the fall

Gould: Police Chief

Mitch Holt: Assistant DA, main character, workaholic

Rudy Linneker: Main char...whoops, nvm

McCoy: Well-respected detective

Hank Quinlan: Good detective, has a cane

Delmont Shayon: Married Linneker's daughter

Underwood: Newspaper man


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Episode Editor: Chelsea Samuelson

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