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33% Pulp

Dec 21, 2017

Linzi recaps the finale of Carter Brown's A Corpse For Christmas. Which of Al Wheeler's conspiracy theories is the truth? Who's been waiting in his bed this whole time? Which 33% Pulp host actually has abs? Find out all this and more, resolutionwise, in this week's episode.


Twitter: @33_Pulp


Dec 14, 2017

Amber recaps part two of A Corpse For Christmas by Carter Brown. With two new bodies on his hands, Lt. Al Wheeler needs to get to the bottom of things before the killer strikes again. He also needs to learn how to read social cues if he ever wants another date in Pine City.


Twitter: @33_Pulp


Dec 7, 2017

Daniel recaps the first third of A Corpse For Christmas by Carter Brown, where a dead body is discovered at a party and Santa is the prime suspect.


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