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33% Pulp

Nov 20, 2018

In our episode:

Daniel recaps the first third of Ann M. Martin's Claudia and the First Thanksgiving, where the BSC members learn how to read (bias in news publications), Ms. Garcia's 8th grade class is woke AF, and Claudia hums about pie.


Goodreads Summary:

Writing a Thanksgiving play for the third-grade class she coaches, Claudia is disappointed when some parents object to her less-than-traditional themes, and she must choose between letting the other kids down or fighting censorship.


Some Relevant Characters:

Kristy - Founding member of the Baby-Sitters Club. Confident, driven, out-spoken, and no-nonsense. Had The Great Idea.

Mary Anne - Founding member of the BSC. Quiet and shy. An only child and a great listener.

Claudia - Founding member of the BSC. Asian-American. Artist. Independent thinker.

Stacey  - Founding member of the BSC. Gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated. Good with money. Has good life-work balance.

Mallory - BSC Junior Officer. Always has good stories. May or may not be the annoying one.

Jessica - BSC Junior Officer. African-American. Equestrian and aspiring ballerina.

Abby - BSC Alternate Officer. Jewish. Anna's twin sister.

Ms. Garcia - Stoneybrook Middle School teacher. Woke af.



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