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33% Pulp

May 8, 2018

Sarah, our guest host for this book, delivers the first part of this mystery of murder and missing jewels. We also get a grand introduction to each of our main characters, listed here for reference:

  • Pete Novak: house dick
  • Chalmers Boyd: rich, sexually active guy, until he's not
  • Julia Boyd: a woman of great stature with old money, and Chalmers' wife
  • Dr. Bikel: Julia's doctor
  • Paula Norton: monochromatic and beautiful, has dog
  • Ben Barada: likes silk shirts, is violent

Goodreads summary of the book:

House Dick is one of Hunt’s very best, a classic hardboiled story of a detective in a Washington D.C. hotel (no, not that hotel) investigating a twisty tale of burglary and murder, of skullduggery under cover of darkness, of deception and shifting loyalties – and of the price you pay when you trust the wrong people…

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