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33% Pulp

Sep 25, 2018

In our episode:

Guest host Amber recaps the first third of the Guy N. Smiths, Killer Crabs, his sequel to Night of the Crabs, where nature will end you, Klin organizes a vigilante fisherman's militia, and Caroline has two (2j orgasms.



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Goodreads Summary:

Their claws were strong enough to snap a man in half. Their shells were impenetrable, even by a six-inch naval gun. Their eyes glowed with malevolence, and as they tore their victims limb from limb they seemed to grin with sadistic delight. Never before had the world seen such an army.


Some Relevant Characters:

Klin - Expert fisherman. Knowledgeable but kind of a dick.

Shannon - The Shark Police.

Corder - The reporter.

Caroline du Brunner - The most physically perfect woman. Color-changing nipples.

Cliff Davenport - Professor, botanist, marine biologist. Killer crab expert.

Pat Benson - Cliff's wife. Prior experience with Killer crabs.


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