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33% Pulp

Jan 22, 2019

This is a weird episode but, really, how could it not be? It begins with an "inspired by a true story" history of the RMS Queen Mary. Then the episode turns to how Linzi met Courtney of Spoop Hour and Maxwell of Relic IN PERSON (also featuring moms!). The conclusion involves a psychic.


Feel free to skip around the episode!


4:40 Linzi’s Version of History of the RMS Queen Mary

27:16 A Visit Aboard the RMS Queen Mary

34:35 Courtney of Spoop Hour Arrives

Want to hear about our Ghost Tour?

Want to hear about our Ouija Board Experience?

39 Churchill Exhibit and a 4D Movie

40:15 Meeting Maxwell of Relic

42:15 Courtney’s Palm Reading and Subsequent Banishment

45:20 My Reading


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Episode Editor: Linzi


Sources Include:


Original music written specifically for the RMS Queen Mary and not for us:

Hall, Henry. “Somewhere at Sea.” Have You Ever Been Lonely. 

Bram Martin and His Dance Orchestra with Eve Becke. “Queen of the Sea.” Recorded at the Holborn Restaurant. Words and Music by Horatio Nicholls.

Sound Effects:

CGeffex. “Ships Bell.”

Robinhood 76. “Distant Ship Horn.”

Sculptor. “Submarine.”