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33% Pulp

Jun 19, 2018

You are hereby invited to the Pulpies Award Ceremony, in which we dis/honor the characters, kisses, and closing lines of the past five books. Who will take home the award for best book?


Special thanks to all those who contributed to this season's worth of episodes!

Amber, obv.

Chelsea Samuelson, like, um, uh, you know, our like dialogue editor or something

Mike and Sarah, awesome guest hosts

Morgan, from the Frankenpod and the barren flats

Maxwell, from Relic and post-apocalyptic future

TJ Acena, probably has a boner?

Tom Steer, our flash fiction winner!

Courtney from the Cult of Domesticity

Janine from Guess What You're Gonna Hate

Shelby and Jenni from Wives Tales

Sasha and Courtney from Spoop Hour

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Episode Editor: Linzi

Intro Music: "Epic Awards Logo" by Aleksey Zaykov. CC-SA, CC-NC, CC-BY.