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33% Pulp

Sep 11, 2018

In our episode:

Guest host Aric recaps the second third of Hugh Walker's War Gamers' World, translated from German by Christine Priest, where Ilara conveniently loses her top and asks Thuon to pull her finger, Frankari levels up, and Bruss' sexual frustration is about to bust.

Cover description:

The Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder! That is the name of the select group who control the struggles and marvels of the world known as Magira—a fantasyland planet created years before war-games were known in America. It was the members of FOLLOW who built up Magira, city by city, island by island, crown by crown, created its continents and oceans, and continue to this day to bring ever greater sword-and-sorcery reality to its misty shores.


Hugh Walker, himself one of the Grand Wizards of FOLLOW, as well as an outstanding science fiction novelist and editor in his Earthly habitat, now brings the first chronicle of Magira to America’s fantasy readers and war-gamers alike, in an adventure of the human player who found himself forced to be another’s pawn in a ruthless contest of knights and wizards, of priestesses and armed avengers.


Some relevant characters:

The Dreamer/Heretic/Stranger/Franz/Frankari: Game-maker turned game-player. Prisoner of the Priesthood.


King Andavil: King of E'lil, capital city of the Forests of Ysh. In a power struggle with the Priesthood.


Ynnis: Andavil's right-hand man. Highest ranked warrior in E'lil.


Peshkari: Leader of the Gisha, the military arm of the Priesthood. Bad man.


Ilara: Aopeian priestess. Unable to exercise agency. Dislikes stabbing people.


Thuon: Southerner. Mercenary. Manly, ladies' man. Has large, hard to polish sword. 


Thars: Leader of the caravan. Bromance with Thuon.


Bruss: Broody and bored farm animal exorciser


Thoric: Messenger.


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