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33% Pulp

May 1, 2018

In the final Conjure Wife companion episode, Sasha and Courtney from the Spoop Hour podcast join Daniel and Linzi to discuss the 1980 film adaptation, Witch's Brew. We spoke about things that made this movie special...such as Lucifer, pigs, chickens, and the great Teri Garr. We also went on a few tangents about handsy ghosts, raunchy trumpet players, and Casual Sex?

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Logo adapted from Artemis Smith's cover for This Bed We Made.

Episode edited by Linzi.

Audio Clips from Which Witch is Which? aka Witches' Brew (1980), dir. Richard ShorrHerbert L. Strock.

Countdown sound effect by Mandy Mathy

Bike Horn sound effect by Stickinthemud and was inspired by the great podcast work done by @da7e.

Typewriter ding sound effect by Stubb.

No changes were made to the sounds.